Friday, May 22, 2009

The Advantages of Internet Marketing by Moses Isaac

Internet advertising has emerged as legitimate option for marketers - and not just because the web represents a new and technological option. There are several unique advantages to Internet advertising over traditional forms.

Target Market Selectivity

The web offers marketers a new and precise way to target market segments. Not only are the segments precisely defined; but the internet allows forms of target that truly enhance traditional segmentation schemes like demographics, geographics and psychographics. Marketers can focus on specific interest areas, but they can also target bassed on geographic regions, time of day, computer platform or browser.


The internet allows marketers to track how users interact with their brands and to learn what interests current and potential customers. Banner ads and web sites also provide the opportunity to measure the response to an ad a feature that is unattainable in traditional media.

Deliverability and Flexibility

Online advertising is delivered twenty - four hours a day seven days a week for the convenience of the receiver. Whenever the receiver is logged one and active, advertising is there and ready to greet them. As importantly a campaign can be tracked on a daily basis and be updated, changed, or replaced almost immediately. This is a dramatic difference from traditional media, where changing a campaignmight be delayed for weeks given media schedules and the time needed for production of ads. And as mentioned earlier as web delivery goes wireless, there will be even more flexibility and deliverability for we communication.


A lofty and often unattainable goal for a marketer is to engage a prospective customer with the brand and the firm. This can be done with internet advertising in a way that just cannot be accomplished in tradtional media.


Web advertising is easily integrated with other forms of promotion. In the most basic sense, all tradional media advertising being used by a marketer can carry the websit URL. Web banner ads can highlight themes and images from television or print campaigns. Special events or contests can be featuredin banner ads and on websites. Overall, the integration of web activities with other component of the marketing mix is one of the easiest integration task. This is due to the flexibility and deliverability of web advertising.

Moses Isaac


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